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  Dual Sim without cutting SIM cards Dual Sim with Cutting

Dual Sim Adapter - easy switching between two SIM cards (only one card can be active)

  • 2 sim-cards in one mobile handset (only one SIM is active)
  • Works with most of today's models
  • Digital chip. No need to switch off mobile.
    Select active sim-card using your mobile's menu
  • Auto-Switch function (can be turned off)

Addional Features of our UMTS Dual Sim:

  • High Quality (made in Taiwan)
  • Works with 2G / 3G / UMTS / HSDPA / WCDMA / GSM / GPRS / EDGE
  • Double Mode: Change SIM using Menu or Shortcut
  • Maintains Original STK Menu
  • Version available for the iPhone

   Picture: Special Dual Sim for the iPhone 3GS (non-cutting)



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Dual Sim Adapter

No shipping to Germany

Dual Sim

with or without cutting, only for GSM

£ 19.99

Premium Dual Sim

with cutting only, GSM & limited for 3G £ 24.99

UMTS Dual Sim

with or without cutting, for GSM & 3G

£ 29.99

Special Offer

1x with + 1x without cutting, only for GSM £ 29.99

UMTS Special Offer

1x with + 1x without cutting, for GSM & 3G £ 49.99
UMTS Dual Sim SET iPhone 3G(S) without cutting (case included) £ 29.99
UMTS Dual Sim SET iPhone 4 without cutting (case included) £ 29.99
UMTS Dual Sim SET iPhone 5 without cutting (case included) £ 39.99

Shipping fee: £ 3.99 flat

Delivery usually takes 2-3 business days within Europe 

Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300: Please order our UMTS Dual Sim without cutting £29.99 and send us an e-mail that you need for Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300


Important Information

: Example Standard Dual Sim Menu

Installation and how it works:
After the easy and quick installation the sim-card can be selected using a new menu on the handset (no further installation required. All of today's handset support this feature). Detailed instructions and problem solving is included.

Some limitations may apply on "multimedia" mobiles and handsets with Symbian Operating System (e.g. SonyEricsson P900, W800i & K750i: meaning mobile turns off and needs to be switched on again and/or mobile asks each time which language you would like to and whether you would like to run the Setup-assistant. With some Nokia models (e.g. 6600) sim selection needs to be acknowledge each time pressing one or two extra buttons. Standard Dual Sim can only be used in GSM Mode.

Please note that only the UMTS Dual Sim Adapters are compatible with 3G mode (data transfer, video calling etc).


Differences between the non-cutting and the cutting type:
The non-cutting type only fits into approx. 70% of today's handsets whereas the cutting type can be installed in over 95%.

Non-cutting Type:
Both of your sim cards are simply put into the Dual Sim Adaptor. One parts goes into the sim card holder, the other is either placed beneath the battery or cover. Make sure you have enough space (see pictures).
How to test if your handset offers enough space (at your own risk): You may put your sim card next to the sim-card holder. If you can put the battery and cover back on your mobile, the adapter should work properly Here is a list of successfully tested handsets (no guarantee & non-exhaustive).
For the following handsets we recommend the cutting type: Nokia 6270, 9300 & N90, Siemens ME45 & S75, Sagem MY-X5-2, HP6915, Motorola V3(i), and SonyEricsson W800i. These handsets do not have the sufficient space for the adaptor without cutting the SIM cards.

Cutting Type:
The two sim-cards are cut, put into the dual sim card and hold by a steel plate. The dual sim card is then placed into the mobile handset instead of the sim-card. Using the accessories provided with the dual sim card it is also possible to use the cut sim-cards individually (just like before cutting them). If you are afraid of cutting your sim cards please take a look at our Dual Sim Adaptor without cutting. The cutting type is not recommended for the SonyEricsson P1i (sim holder that does not allow to introduce the Dual Sim easily).

Our recommendation:

Dual Sim with cutting
has the same size as a regular SIM-card. It is easier to install and more reliable in use. We only recommend the non-cutting Dual Sim if you really do not want to cut your SIM cards. Our Special Offer: 1x Dual Sim with + 1x Dual Sim without cutting is recommended if you would like to try both types.

Picture: Dual Sim w/o cutting (here Samsung D500)

Picture: Dual Sim with cutting


On the right:
Dual Sim Menu
iPhone 3GS


On the left:
First step of the installation into the iPhone.

Eventually just the silicon case (included in the price) has to be wrapped around the phone - that's it.